Is Golfnow worth the $179 – $199 annual subscription fee for Golfpass + members?

I’ve had the VIP membership with Golfnow from the start. While I don’t use it as much as I used to. It is still very convenient to book tee times. Especially after hours and without paying the convenience fee. Now when I first started with the VIP subscription it was $99 annually and the rewards program was very liberal. It since has changed to $179 – $199 annually. Initially all booked rounds were awarded points to be used in $10 voucher awards. Those awards could be used to book any hot deal at any time. Now as a plus member only hot deals that I book are able to earn points for rewards and those rewards must be booked 3 days before the tee time to be eligible.

The Pro’s

If you are the one in your group that books all the tee times like me, you are probably familiar with using online booking engine’s vs calling the pro shop by phone. I usually will call to check rates and then check the online rates to compare. If you book at least 18 – 20 tee times a year for a foursome or more it does pay for itself. You also will earn rewards for any hot deals booked. Golfnow also sends a $21 hot deal code that can be used for any hot deal Mon – Thurs after 12:00 PM. This is a nice perk if you can get out on those days in the early afternoon. Another benefit is being able to book tee times after hours.

The membership also comes with other perks including a video library with tips and lessons from various teachers. I have found good drills in the library to correct different problems with my swing. Of course there is a lot of free content across the web including YouTube to view.

The Con’s

If you aren’t booking at least 18 -20 foursome’s per year it will be hard to justify the cost in savings just for the convenience fee. Now of course their is the $21 voucher per month that can be used Mon – Thurs after 12:00 PM on hot deals, for those that work a 9 – 5 job this might be hard to utilize. In fact, I have only used two of these vouchers in 15 months. I find the video content to be very good, but if you already have an instructor or video learning source it may not be a benefit for you.


Because of the amount of rounds I book per year, the rewards program and the monthly $21 voucher (which I plan on using more this year). Golfnow is worth the annual subscription fee for me. Of course I will have to monitor for program changes to make sure it is worth renewing before each annual renewal period.


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